WMCQ Odessa. Quarterfinal: Kirichenko monoB vs. Babich GW aggro

Quarterfinal: Kirichenko monoB vs. Babich GW aggro
Game 1.
Kirichenko chooses to play first.
Both players keep their hands.
Turn 1. Kirichenko plays [card]Swamp[/card], casts [card]Thoughtseize[/card] (18:20). Babich reveals two [card]Plains[/card], [card]Forest[/card], two [card]Soldier of the Pantheon[/card]s, [card]Advent of the wurm[/card] and [card]Experiment one[/card]. Kirichenko chooses [card]Experiment one[/card]. End turn.
2. Babich plays [card]Plains[/card], casts [card]Soldier of the Pantheon[/card]. End turn.
3. Kirichenko plays [card]Swamp[/card], casts [card]Pack rat[/card]. End turn.
4. Babich plays [card]Forest[/card], casts [card]Experiment one[/card]. Attacks with Soldier for 2, no block (16:20). Plays [card]Soldier of the Pantheon[/card], [card]Experiment one[/card] evolves. End turn.
5. Kirichenko plays [card]Mutavault[/card]. Casts [card]Bile blight[/card] targeting [card]Soldier of the Pantheon[/card]. Both soldiers are put in graveyard. End turn.
6. Babich plays [card]Plains[/card], casts [card]Loxodon smiter[/card]. [card]Experiment one[/card] evolves. Attacks with experiment for 3, no block. 13:20. End turn.
7. Kirichenko plays [card]Swamp[/card]. End turn.
8. Babich plays [card]Temple of plenty[/card], scries, puts the card on top of his library. Attacks with [card]Experiment one[/card] and [card]Loxodon Smiter[/card] for 7. No block. 6:20. Casts [card]Soldier of the Pantheon[/card]. At end of turn, Kirichenko activates [card]Pack rat[/card] (discards [card]Gray merchant of Asphodel[/card]). End turn.
9. Kirichenko casts [card]Pack rat[/card]. Attacks with one rat for 3, no block. 6:17. Plays [card]Swamp[/card]. End turn.
10. Babich attacks with [card]Soldier of the Pantheon[/card], 3/3 [card]Experiment one[/card] and [card]Loxodon smiter[/card]. Kirichenko activates [card]Pack rat[/card] by discarding [card]Devour flesh[/card]. One rat blocks smiter, one rat blocks soldier, [card]Experiment one[/card] unblocked. 3:17. [card]Loxodon smiter[/card], [card]Soldier of the Pantheon[/card] and one token rat die. Babich casts [card]Loxodon smiter[/card], [card]Experiment one[/card] evolves. End turn.
11. Kirichenko attacks with one rat. No block, activates rat by discarding [card]Desecration demon[/card], 4 damage. 3:13. End turn.
12. Babich attacks with [card]Loxodon smiter[/card] and 4/4 [card]Experiment one[/card] (1 rat, 2 rat tokens and [card]Mutavault[/card] untapped). Token rat blocks Loxodon, token rat blocks [card]Experiment one[/card]. After blockers are declared, Babich casts [card]Advent of the wurm[/card]. [card]Experiment one[/card] evolves. Kirichenko activates [card]Mutavault[/card]. Loxodon, Experiment and one rat token die. Another rat token dies on SBA. End turn.
13. Kirichenko casts [card]Devour flesh[/card]. Babich sacrifices Wurm token, gains 5 life. 3:18. Kirichenko activates Mutavault, attacks with [card]Mutavault[/card] and two [card]Pack rat[/card]s for 8. Babich resigns.
Game 2.
Babich chooses to play first.
Babich mulligans to 6. Kirichenko keeps.
Turn 1. Babich plays [card]Forest[/card], casts [card]Experiment one[/card]. End turn.
Turn 2. Kirichenko plays [card]Swamp[/card], casts [card]Thoughtseize[/card]. Babich reveals [card]Ajani, caller of the Pride[/card], [card]Forest[/card], [card]Mana confluence[/card], [card]Selesnya charm[/card]. Kirichenko chooses [card]Selesnya charm[/card]. 18:20. End turn.
3. Babich plays [card]Mana confluence[/card]. [card]Experiment one[/card] attacks. 17:20. End turn.
4. Kirichenko plays [card]Swamp[/card], casts [card]Duress[/card]. Babich reveals Ajani, Forest, [card]Loxodon smiter[/card]. Kirichenko chooses Ajani. End turn.
5. Babich plays [card]Forest[/card], casts [card]Loxodon smiter[/card] (17:19). [card]Experiment one[/card] evolves, attacks for 2. 15:19. End turn.
6. Kirichenko casts [card]Doom blade[/card] targeting [card]Loxodon smiter[/card]. Smiter dies. End turn.
7. Babich plays [card]Plains[/card], casts [card]Sunblade elf[/card]. Attacks with [card]Experiment one[/card] for 2. 13:19. End turn.
8. Kirichenko plays [card]Swamp[/card], casts [card]Doom blade[/card] targeting [card]Experiment one[/card]. Experiment dies. End turn.
9. Babich casts [card]Loxodon smiter[/card]. Attacks with [card]Sunblade elf[/card] for 2. 11:19. End turn.
10. Kirichenko casts [card]Hero’s downfall[/card] targeting [card]Loxodon smiter[/card]. Smiter dies. End turn.
11. Babich plays [card]Soldier of the Pantheon[/card]. Attacks with [card]Sunlade elf[/card] for 2. 9:19. End turn.
12. Kirichenko plays [card]Swamp[/card], casts [card]Desecration demon[/card]. End turn.
13. Babich plays [card]Mana confluence[/card], casts [card]Voice of resurgence[/card]. End turn.
14. Kirichenko plays [card]Lifebane zombie[/card]. Babich has no cards in hand. End turn.
15. End turn.
16. Kirichenko plays [card]Swamp[/card], casts [card]Desecration demon[/card]. Kirichenko receives Warning from a judge for not announcing triggers on his [card]Desecration demon[/card]s. End turn.
17. End turn.
18. Kirichenko skips combat, plays [card]Pack rat[/card] on second main phase. End turn.
19. Babich plays plains. End turn.
20. Kirichenko plays [card]Swamp[/card], attacks with two [card]Desecration demon[/card]s (9:7). Casts [card]Gray merchant of Asphodel[/card] (Devotion=7. 16:0).

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